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Zombie Stomp! Game Board Sketch

So, as planned, here is the sketch for the Zombie Stomp! Gameboard.

Zombie Stomp! Game Board Sketch

There are a couple of things to note here:

  1. Humans start with one pawn in Engineering, two on the Bridge, and three in Habitation.
  2. All eight zombies are split evenly between the two cryopods.
  3. Zombie are too stupid to use hatches (the little lens shaped things with T’s on each side). Only humans can use them.
  4. The Port Cryopod, the Aft, and the outside of the ship are vacuum. Humans cannot enter these spaces unless they go through a hatch and suit up. Zombies can enter these areas just fine using regular doors. No significant depressurization of the ship occurs.

I plan to work on a better board, making it real purdy-like and everything using GIMP, over the next couple of weeks. Once it’s ready I’ll post it. I’ll probably post some preliminary stuff as well so you’ll see the sausage being made and too keep feeding y’all content.

I also intent to work on the rules and play-test them over the next couple of weeks. Expect those sooner as writing documents is easier than using GIMP. And please, play-test the rules yourselves and give me your feedback. Either send me an email at or drop your feedback in the comments on the blog. The more data I have, the better.

And, of course, if you give me play-test feedback you’ll get props in the final PDF. And who knows, maybe in an actual print version of the game some day.

Once I get the game finished I may make new maps if their is interest. I’m thinking that a classic dungeon for a nostalgic D&D feel might be fun or perhaps a small town Main Street—complete with a theater showing a zombie flick— for that real B-movie experience.

This game will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license so that you and your friends can take this content, remix it, create maps, expand the rules, or whatever. I heartily encourage you to do this. Right now. Right this second. Go crazy! Just be sure to post links to your stuff in the comments so everyone else can share in the fun.

— July 07, 2009