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Zombie Stomp! Work in Progress

I’ve been working hard on the Zombie Stomp! game-board and though I would share a work in progress image so y’all knew I was working on something and hadn’t abandoned the project. So, here it is.

Zombie Stomp! WIP

As you can see, I have got the interior walls and structure in place and the textures on the floor. I’ve also added doors but not any hatches yet. Exterior walls, damage to the ship and large items inside of the ship are next. After that, a nice spacey background and then details such as frost in the cryopods, little yellow and black caution strips, maybe some blood splatters. That kinda thing.

I’m also thinking I will need some kind of logo for the game. If anyone had some ideas for a logo, suggest them in the comments or email them to me directly. Major props will go out for whomever puts a logo together for the game and epic props for the one arbitrarily selected by yours truly.

Once the board is done, I’ll start working on the PDF. I’m planning on including in the PDF detailed rules and the game-board—conveniently sized for printing on card stock, cutting up, and spreading out on the gaming table—plus cutout zombies and humans that can be folded as little triangles and used a game pieces.

— July 19, 2009