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Pairs of Ants Wager on Red and Black at AnCon

Saw this update a while ago from Super Dave, a fellow gamer and geek from my college days, and thought I would share.

Super Dave runs a regional gaming convention in North Eastern Ohio called AnCon. It is with great shame that I share with you that I have never attended. But, word on the street is that it’s a lot of fun. I’d like to try to get up there in 2010. It runs from May 21 through May 23 next year. That’s a Friday, Saturday, Sunday so getting off of work should be easy for all of us corporate wage slaves. The price is only $25 for the entire weekend if you pre-register and apparently if you recruit others to come you’ll get $5 for every person you recruit. So, I would encourage you to check it out (and tell me about it so I can claim my $5).

But the really interesting thing–at least to me right now–is that he has released some PDF games. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, looking at his release dates, I think he might have stolen my idea! But, since PDF boards games like Zombie Stomp! at part of what I do here, I thought you might be interested even if he leap-frogged me. Curse you and you’re free time Super Dave!

The games are a dice game called Pairs and Wagers which looks like it would be a lot of fun with the family and Ants: Red vs. Black, a board game which looks a little more involved than what might interest my wife. Which means it’s right up my alley! I haven’t play either of them yet–hell, I’ve hardly had time to update the blog–but I plan to.

— October 16, 2009