Guy Royse

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Site Update

When I initially launched I vacillated about the content I was creating and writing about. Was this to be a blog about writing and games or writing, games, and coding?

Initially I decided to have it just be about writing and games. I wanted to focus on my creative endeavors and frankly, figured most people wouldn’t care too much about the programming stuff. But, as it turns out, a lot of my creative activity is focused around code and programming. This sort of leaked in a posting I made a couple of months back updating everyone on the status of Corporate Raiders.

So, I’ve decided to cave to my urges and put my code projects on here as well. But, not only will I be including some of my coding project but I will also be sharing some of my thoughts on technology and software engineering. So, if you’re a programmer or other geeky tech person, hopefully you’ll find the additional content enjoyable. And if your not, I won’t be offended if you skip over my more technical posts.

— February 23, 2010