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A Busy Week

Looks like I’ll be busy next week. Monday, I’ll be speaking at the Columbus Ruby Brigade. Wednesday, the Columbus JavaScript Usergroup. And Thursday, I present at the Central Ohio .NET Developers Group.

At the Columbus Ruby Brigade, I’ll be presenting “Machine Learning for Gamers: Dungeon Forecasts & Dragon Regressions”. It introduces machine learning concepts using fun D&D examples!


At the Columbus JavaScript Usergroup and the Central Ohio .NET Developers Group, the talk is “Machine Learning for Fun: Finding Bigfoot with the Nexosis API”. We’ll predict the future number of Bigfoot sightings, measure the impact of the X-Files on sightings in the 90s, and explain the Bigfoot Classinator.

You should come and check them out. Or tell your friends. Or both.

— February 15, 2018