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Northern Meetups

I’ve got a couple of upcoming meetups in some of the more northerly states in the next week or so. Specifically, Michigan and Minnesota.


I’ll be giving An Introduction to WebAssembly in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Monday, December 10th at Southeast Michigan JavaScript. WebAssembly allows you to write front-end web code in languages other than JavaScript by creating a virtual machine that runs in the browser. It’s really neat stuff and I’ll be diving into the low-level details. And, I’ll be live-coding in WebAssembly Text Format so be prepared for epic failure!

On Wednesday, December 19th I’ll be presenting what is one of my favorite talks: Deep Learning like a Viking. It’s a talk about Vikings, Keras, and Convolutional Neural Networks. And how to combine these three amazing things into an application that recognizes hand-written runes from the Younger Futhark! The talk will be hosted by JavaScript MN in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

So, if you come from the land of the ice and snow, drop by and say hi!

— December 05, 2018